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These are challenging times and there is a lot of stress, worry and responsibility. People are becoming more and more disconnected from each other, living in their own worlds and separating themselves from the source of Power. The only effective tool that can unite and heal this is Love. We can find this Love within ourselves.

Connecting to this Love within us and unselfishly sharing it with others opens a very powerful channel. Through this channel a strong flow of energy enters our hearts, helping us to discover our hidden talents and healing creativity, to accept ourselves for who we are, and to find our soul family. I am so glad that you are here. My strong wish is that our connection will sustain and inspire you. At this dynamic moment in our human evolution, finding and maintaining distinctive and meaningful connections is crucial. Please know that you are respected, loved and cherished in this space, in all that you are!

I offer my work to you and to the world. I have been traveling the world and helping people in 36 countries for the last 30 years. I am always available and I will guide you and help you all the way. We can create a space of Love, joy and harmony over all the Earth with open hearts and kindness in our souls.

I use COSMIC VIBRATIONS and MEDITATION in my practice.
ENERGETIC MOVEMENTS and ANCIENT ETHNIC RHYTHMS will give access to a special dimension that is filled with love, joy, prosperity and health.

You will unite with your soul mate through movement, meditation, art and music that comes from India, Tibet, and Nepal. You will tune your heart to the rhythm of the universe and feel its vibrations.

Psychoenergetic rejuvenation and longevity

The Energy Medicine of the Sampo System awakens forces in the individual that bring stability, joy, enthusiasm to life and a greater vitality to your body, mind and spirit! Balancing energy will balance your body chemistry, regulate your hormones, and help you to feel better and to think better. The Sampo System uses techniques from time-tested traditions such as psychoenergetics, yoga, qigong, and meditation.

What is waiting for you:
  • Simple rules for everyday life that will help you to regain your health, self-confidence, charm and ability to be at your best in any company, to be natural and happy in your family
  • Instant rejuvenation and renewal of all body systems with ancient hypnotherapy
  • Restoring the balance of energy that supports health and vitality
  • Increasing clarity, calm and productivity as your energy comes into balance
  • Removal of physical and emotional blockages
  • Releasing emotional trauma from the past
  • Removal of negative patterns and programs from your ancestors
  • Eliminating psychosomatic disorders

Renewing Women's Energy. How to live in harmony with the cosmos.

The methods of the Sampo system transform negative relationship patterns and allow people to live healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives. These methods are designed to remove any stressors that are affecting relationships and health

  • Your body, mind and thoughts will be rejuvenated after being in quarantine
  • Energy breathing will help you to open a connection with the source of feminine power
  • The Cosmic Womb builds relationships based on respect and harmony
  • 3 methods of overcoming insecurity and gaining feminine power
  • You will be able to get to the root cause of problems to avoid having to experience them again
  • You will be able to eliminate negative or harmful situations in the family, to create a more harmonious and loving relationship
  • Healing family disputes to bring harmony, balance and respect back to the family
  • Clearing a life of bad memories and traumas
  • Return romance to your relationship with a loved one
  • Overcome the inner turmoil and come to a place of peace, tranquility and unity
  • Return harmony to your life after a lost or broken relationship

Live Enrichment Training.

Using the various tools and techniques of the Sampo System, you will receive support in clearing all of your financial blockagess, and you will be shown how to create the money you desire.

  • Your subconscious mind will shift to a new mindset of being rich and successful
  • You will gain the power to fulfill your desires
  • You will receive the support of the cosmic forces on your way to enrichment and material prosperity
  • You will learn the Path to Prosperity for money, for energy and about the cosmic laws of prosperity
  • Receive an energy complex to attract the power of abundance and a permanent life of prosperity
  • Get a clearer perspective on the current state of your business
  • Be able to remove the blockages that are preventing your business from thriving
  • Enable yourself to be a better leader
  • Gain the power and energy to solve any existing problems in your business

Master Abhay Oyun's

Learn to control your energy.
Make your life happier!


One day, the host of Brazil's best radio station, Banda B, asked Abhay Oyun to share the knowledge that he had gained from 30 years of traveling the world.

- "It's very simple", replied Abhay Oyun, "I know how to make contact with the energy of the cosmos and how to direct it towards the creation of beauty, harmony and health both in the world around me and for the energy balance within each person."

- So people's happiness in life depends on energy balance? - he was asked.

- Of course, but it's not the only thing. In most cases, it's their energy, and the energetic connections that the person has with other people and situations. Many people have a very strong energy, but they don't even know it. We are sitting on a chest of gold and not using it! If a person understands and uses this energy, there are no closed doors for him in his life. He can change any situation in the way that he wants, because physical reality is just a consequence of what happens in the world of energy. You need only to remove the energy blockages, attachments, childhood traumas and subconscious programs inherited from your ancestors.


The books, courses and seminars were born as a result of the answers to thousands of questions posed to Abhay Oyun by his students over a period of 28 years. It is based on the ancient knowledge of psycho-energetic protection, respect for the traditions and knowledge of the peoples of the world, as well as Abhay Oyun's own personal experience.

After communicating with Abhay Oyun, people often call him the Master of ancient traditions, because he knows and understands all religions and their rituals, and also has vast experience in the practice of spiritual perfection and can give advice and help in any area and situation of life.

When Abhay Oyun is invited to conferences, meetings, the organizers present him in this way:
  • Master of yoga with 25 years of experience
  • Master of meditation and energy breathing
  • A very strong and kind person who brings kindness, understanding and the rise of all vitality to everyone with whom he speaks

are grateful to ABHAY OYUN.

Master Abhay Oyun has been helping people around the world for over 25 years, regularly participating in charity events in more than 36 countries. Abhay Oyun and those who help him go to the aid of everyone who is in trouble or asks for support. Elderly people, children, lonely, homeless, survivors of violence, seriously ill, disabled people, and others…
All Abhay Oyun's helpers know that he will never pass by a homeless person or a begging grandmother, by a dog or kitten left on the street. He often gives away the clothes, which he wears, the food that he has with him.
The master with helpers cleans forests, lakes, rivers, and seas from the garbage. Organizes funds for the protection of fire-dangerous regions. Creates shelters and inspires thousands of people to help homeless animals and beasts affected by fires, drought, and poaching.

When the Master is invited to the media and asked: "Why are you helping everyone?"
He says: There are no big or small deals, just as there is no one's own and someone else's misfortune.
It was Master Abhay with the volunteers who participated in extinguishing forest fires in Australia, Yakutia, and Turkey in recent years.

The Master always says: The energy of kindness and care returns to you, amplified hundreds of times. You can start with the simplest things. Let's make our world kinder and happier together!
Over the past 23 years, Abhay Oyun has been traveling all over the world and transferring knowledge to people. Workshops, individual meetings with people, and conferences are only 10% of his life.

The rest of the time he is busy looking for poor families, abandoned, sick, and destitute people, and helps them. Abhay Oyun gives them emotional warmth and organizes their lives. From a simple bag of food and a blanket to the construction of nursing homes, homes for children with disabilities, and animal shelters.

Abhay Oyun often becomes a participant in large conferences, which many people attend. The organizers of such meetings feel his kind and strong heart. The Master gives people hope, strength, and inspiration to make this world more harmonious and happier!

On the 20th of March in 2004, in Baghdad, Master Abhay held a Creation of the World conference for 110 people who were involved in helping the victims and children.

Abhay Oyun traveled to Japan and on June 21, 2005, held a ceremony to save the Earth from diseases and suffering in the Mount Fuji region. 2500 people gathered for the meditation.

Having visited the southern states of India in 2005-2006, to stop natural disasters, the master held a meditation on 370 people, after which a miracle happened, after a long drought it finally started to rain, people were happy.

North Caucasus. In August 2008, Abhay Oyun was invited to the city, which was located in the middle of the two warring countries. He found himself between two fires and held a prayer for the end of the war;
120 people were able to stop the military conflict within five days after the outbreak of hostilities.

Being in the mountains of Chile in 2010, after long earthquakes, Abhay Oyun inspired 2000 protesters to build a new life. Money has been raised and funds were established to help poor families find homes and shelters.

In 2011-2012, when the master was in Mexico, the tsunami was unbelievably stopped by the power of the practice of psycho-energetic protection, people could not believe it, because the forecast was inevitable.

In February 2014, in his motherland, Ukraine, the city of Kyiv, Abhay Oyun carried out peacekeeping activities to unite people of all cultures and religions for peace.

Another miracle happened in the city of Santiago. In Chile, in 2015, when after 7 months of drought, it started to rain right after energy meditation.
Only 40 people participated in the meditation, there were tears in their eyes. They believed in the power of love.

A MAN WHO MADE A GREAT CONTRIBUTION TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF HUMANITY - this is how Abhay Oyun was noted for his international activities:
- in 2001 by the national Dutch magazine "Bross"
- in 2005 by the Brazilian political magazine "Vejo".

Since 2013, he has been the president of thebrazilian which organizes events for the harmonious development of humans in Latin America.


Master Abhay Oyun about his mission:

The time of solitude and seclusion has passed, now there is a period in my life when, through the knowledge of the Sampo System, I will actively help our World to change, become better, kinder, and cleaner.
To all my friends in 36 countries which I have visited, and to the whole Earth I wish: Peace and happiness to you. Love you!

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